Krystal Breakfast Time

Krystal Breakfast Time: Jumpstart Your Day Deliciously!

Krystal serves breakfast from the early hours of the morning until late morning. Their breakfast hours typically start at 6 AM and end at 11 AM.

Krystal is a fast-food chain known for its iconic square-shaped burgers and comfort breakfast offerings. With a schedule that caters to both early birds and those who enjoy a bit of a lie-in, Krystal’s breakfast menu is designed to satisfy a variety of morning cravings.

Whether you’re on the go or have time to sit and savor, you can enjoy a range of items from savory sausage biscuits to sweet bites and robust coffee. The convenience of their breakfast hours makes Krystal a popular choice for commuters, students, and families alike. Remember, these times can vary slightly by location, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local Krystal restaurant for the most accurate information.

Krystal Breakfast Time: Jumpstart Your Day Deliciously!

Krystal’s Morning Delights

Krystal’s Morning Delights offer a tasty start to your day. The Classic Sunrise Specials include fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, and golden hash browns. Enjoy these with a side of warm, buttery biscuits. Perfect for fueling up in the morning!

Why Choose Krystal For Breakfast

Krystal’s breakfast menu offers a perfect blend of speed and flavor. With quick service, you can grab a delicious meal on the go. The diverse options cater to all tastes, ensuring a satisfying start to your day.

Fresh ingredients are the cornerstone of Krystal’s breakfast. They use quality products to craft their meals. Farm-fresh eggs and premium meats make every bite count. Your morning deserves the best, and Krystal delivers just that.

Menu Highlights

Krystal’s breakfast menu is a treasure trove of morning delights. Signature Scramblers take center stage, offering a hearty start to the day. Each scrambler combines fluffy eggs, melted cheese, and a choice of crisp toppings. Savory Sausage Biscuits are another favorite, featuring juicy sausage patties nestled between freshly-baked biscuits. These biscuits make for a perfect grab-and-go option. Both dishes promise a fulfilling breakfast experience that’s hard to beat.

Health-conscious Options

Krystal offers a variety of health-conscious breakfast options to start your day right. Guests seeking lighter fare can enjoy a selection of nutritious choices. These options are designed to satisfy your taste buds while keeping calorie counts in check.

Patrons have the convenience of accessing nutritional information for each item. This empowers you to make informed decisions about your meal. Whether you’re counting carbs, watching sodium intake, or seeking protein-rich foods, Krystal’s menu has you covered.

Menu Item Calories Protein (g) Fat (g) Sodium (mg)
Egg & Cheese Krystal 220 12 15 670
Grits 100 2 0.5 70
Fruit Cup 50 0 0 10

Coffee And Beverage Pairings

Start your morning with a bold coffee brew, perfectly paired with your breakfast. Espresso stands out for its rich flavor, making it a favorite choice for many. Americano, on the other hand, offers a smooth blend that wakes up your senses. For those who prefer tea, a robust English Breakfast or a fragrant Earl Grey provides a delightful alternative.

For a refreshing twist, consider juices and smoothies. Orange juice, bursting with vitamin C, is a classic staple. Green smoothies combine fruits and vegetables for a nutrient-packed start to the day. Berry smoothies, full of antioxidants, offer a sweet and healthy boost. These drinks not only complement your meal but also provide essential vitamins and minerals.

Krystal Breakfast Time: Jumpstart Your Day Deliciously!


Krystal’s Breakfast Combos

Krystal’s breakfast combos offer a delightful start to your day. Enjoy a variety of bundled options, each bursting with flavor. Choose your favorite breakfast items to create the perfect meal.

Our Customizable Combo Deals cater to every taste. Mix and match to satisfy your cravings. From sizzling sausages to fluffy pancakes, every combo is designed to please.

Combo Contents Price
Sunrise Special Eggs, Bacon, Grits $4.99
Griddle Delight Pancakes, Syrup, Sausage $5.99
Biscuit Bonanza Chicken Biscuit, Hash Browns $3.99

Speedy Service For Early Risers

Early birds flock to Krystal for quick breakfast options. Their drive-thru is a model of efficiency, designed to minimize wait times and maximize satisfaction. Guests experience streamlined ordering, ensuring they get their morning meals fast.

Mobile ordering brings exclusive benefits for Krystal guests. With a few taps, customers can place orders in advance and skip the line. They enjoy personalized deals and earn rewards with every purchase. This convenience makes Krystal a top choice for hassle-free mornings.

Customer Experiences And Reviews

Krystal’s breakfast has garnered glowing testimonials from patrons. Guests rave about the delicious options and quick service. Many highlight the signature biscuits as a must-try item.

On social media, the chatter is all about Krystal’s morning menu. Instagram is flooded with mouth-watering photos of their breakfast items. Twitter users often share their positive start to the day thanks to Krystal’s.

Customer Review
Emily R. “The bacon egg cheese biscuit is amazing!”
Mark L. “Fast service even during rush hours.”
Sarah T. “Love the variety in the breakfast menu.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Does Krystal Stop Serving Breakfast Today Near Me?

Krystal’s breakfast hours may vary by location. Check with your local Krystal for today’s breakfast service times.

When Did Krystals Start?

Krystal, a popular fast-food chain, was founded on October 24, 1932. It started in Chattanooga, Tennessee, known for its small, square hamburgers.

How Much Was A Krystal Burger In 1960?

In 1960, the price of a Krystal Burger was just 15 cents. This was an affordable option for a quick and tasty meal.

What’s The Difference Between White Castle And Krystal’s?

White Castle and Krystal are fast-food chains famous for small, square hamburgers. White Castle originated in the Midwest, while Krystal is a Southern staple. Their menus differ slightly, reflecting regional tastes.


Wrapping up, Krystal’s breakfast offerings provide a tasty start to any day. With a variety of options, there’s something for every palate. Don’t miss out on the chance to kick off your morning with their signature flavors. Visit Krystal and make your breakfast time a delightful experience!


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